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Cement clinker workers skills and knowledge

Cement clinker workers skills and knowledge ( two )
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First, the knowledge requirements
1 , what is the pre-water ball craft ?
A: The kiln feed in the biaxial mixer to add water mist, pre-wet mixing , the formation of a uniform water nuclear raw material ball , and then enter into a ball plate rolling into a ball in the process , called pre-water ball processes.
2, a small craft material ball into the ball into the ball on the pre-water systems What are the requirements ?
A: About as follows:
( 1 ) with the stability of silo overflow pipe ;
    ( 2 ) Hanging spiral raw measurement scale ;
    ( 3 ) spray nozzles and variable speed pump ;
    ( 4 ) Liu Shui tracking computer control system ;
    ( 5 ) biaxial mixer and scraper into a ball with a combination plate .
3 , affecting pre-water sphere system of production, quality What are the factors ?
A: The impact of pre-water sphere system of production, the quality of many factors , the main factors are the following:
( 1 ) The quality of raw material include: fineness, humidity , temperature and plasticity .
( 2 ) Water quality : including water quality , water quantity , water pressure and spray nozzle performance .
( 3 ) into a ball plate structure parameters include: diameter , pitch, speed , side and bottom of the plate plane high roughness , disc and shaft is not vertical, scraper type and installation.
( 4 ) The structure and properties of biaxial mixer : including specifications , blade angle , length of the three phases .
( 5 ) material, water, measuring, tracking system and the stability and accuracy of the automatic control .
4 , raw material quality and fineness into a ball impact ?
A: raw material fineness , forming high strength material ball , but if too small, too large specific surface area of the material will absorb a lot of water, a lot of water film build pellets , pellet strength but will low , while raw materials meticulous mill production decreases. Therefore, grinding the raw material , to choose economical raw material fineness.
5 , the raw material for pellet quality plasticity impact ?
A: containing a small amount of water into the kiln feed can be formed under external force performance of a certain geometry is called plasticity. The higher raw material plasticity , ball bonding capacity of the material is stronger, the better the quality into a ball , is conducive to high-quality shaft kiln , energy-saving , high yield.
6 , plus changes in water quality on the ball into the impact ?
A: raw material into a ball of water , affecting pellet quality of the main factors. Excessive water consumption , excess moisture in the surface of the ball together , constantly absorbing powder, the ball diameter increases . If the pellet surface water film thicker material powder bonding does not close, low strength material ball easily damaged ; if the water is too small , the material is not sufficiently moist , so that material ball is too small, even the remnants of dry powder , affecting the material layer permeability. It into a ball , it should be based on the nature of raw materials and raw material particle composition, choice of computer-controlled feeding water tracking system , and stabilize the appropriate amount of water . Experience has shown that : the raw material into a ball of water should normally be between 11 to 13 percent .
7 , how to use a computer control system for feed water tracking ?
A: The computer-controlled feeding water tracking system, including raw material metering and water metering , variable speed pumps and control systems of several parts . Before starting to determine the ratio of material and water ; system is running, add water according to the following quantity and measurement results , always adjust ; present quantity changes, the computer calculates the ratio of the amount of water through . Ratio of feed and water stability . Material and water ratio can also be based on the nature and calcined material need to be adjusted .