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The belt can be backwashed after cake discharge and before returning to the slurry pick up zone.In all cases above, the original materials used were woven fabrics, ranging from lightweight multi-filaments to heavy mono-filaments weighing up to 40 oz/yd2 or 1350 g/m2. Depending on the type of filter, the discharge system, the product and the process, a very wide range of textiles have been used in these filters with life varying from a few weeks to multiple years.

Normally in filtration acrylic refers to homopolymer acrylic which is essentially made from 100 of acrylonitrile. Homopolymer acrylic needle felt and filter bags for industrial filtration. This kind of needle felt is with good ability of acid and alkali resistance, anti-oxidation, hydrolysis resistance. It suits middle temperature and high acid, alkali chroma environment. It is widely used in metallurgy, chemical, building material, electric power station, mechanism industry, petroleum, medicine, printing and dyeing, food and beverage, and other industries to filter gas and recycle material.

   The major attributes of acrylic fibre are its excellent resistance to hydrolysis, its modest cost compared with the high performance fibres and reasonably high temperature resistance.
   Acrylic fibre Typical characteristics
   - High mechanical characteristics
   - Excellent resistance to hydrolysis
   - Optimal heat stability both in dry and wet conditions
   - Optimal resistance to chemical agents
   - Extraordinary resistance to light, weathering, mildew and bacteria

Horizontal Belt Filters (HBF) are different from RDFs and RDVFs in that there is no pan. Instead, slurry is pumped onto the horizontal belt surface just ahead of multi-stage dewatering, drying, treating and washing. The final filter cake is discharged using gravity, wires o r doctor blades. The belt can be backwashed after cake discharge and before returning to the slurry pick up zone.