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Dust Collector Filter Cartridge

Product Detail
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Dust Collector Filter Cartridge
Brief Introduction
1.with pleated continuous long-fibre as filter material, it can increase filter area by times.
2.with high precision efficiency for 99.99% ,it can remove super-fine dust which is less than 1um
3. with low running resistance, low pressure of dust removal.
3.easy assemble with low energy
 Application Field
this air filter cartridge can be applied in all kinds of  air compressesd station, especially for centrifugal, screw, vane air compressor.
3.Power Station
5.Aluminium Factory
 Technology Parameter
1.the air filter cartridge adopts imported fiber as filter material, comppund with advanced folded technology, which makes the air filter with large filter area, small hole diameter, high efficiency, etc.
2.The material for conver and frame is galvanised plate, with perfect anti-corrosion and anti-rusty performance.