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Our filter cloth for industrial solid/liquid separation are well designed for various filter press models including plate and frame filter press, chamber filter press, belt filter press,drum filter, disk filter centrifuge filters and vacuum filter,Nonwoven Filter Cloth also can be designed for filter press except dust collection filter bag.

Filteration solutions for many industries:

Chemicals Industry

Metallurgy Industry

Non-metal mine

Food Industry

Wastewater treatment

Paper inudstry

Meanwhile,we have Non-woven Filter Felt in application gas filtration,material include PE,PP,Antistatic,Filberglass,PPS,Nomex-Aramid,P84,PTFE,PPS-PTFE and so on

1).High separation at start up & during operation

2).High separation efficiency at high air to cloth ratio allows for large increase in productivity

3).Low resistance to flow generates high airflow rate & low-pressure build up.

4).Low pressure build up means less frequent cleaning. Reduced cleaning pressure

yield significant decline in energy costs.

5).Reduced cleaning pressures mean less stress on fabric resulting in less stretching & hence

lower replacement cost.

6).Lower propensity to blind results in longer service life & hence reduced replacement cost.

7).High air to cloth ratio means less number of bags in a smaller dust collector resulting in capital lost.

8).Chemically inert & thermally stable to high temperatures.

9).Can be implanted into available pulse jet systems, reverse air & mechanical shaker systems.