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Fiberglass Filter Cloth

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Fiberglass filter cloth

1.Its a fabric made from bulked glass yarn.due to its bulky character,

2.it has high covering capacity and good air permeability,thus providing

higher filtration efficiency,lower filtration resistance and improved

dust-separation efficiency up to 99.5%.it is suitable for dust separators with

high velocity reverse air or low pressure drop reverse air system.

3.its mainly used for cement and carbon black industries.

E-Fiber Glass Woven Filter Fabric and Filter Bag

Suita brand E-fiber glass filter fabrics are made of E-fiber glass filament with some special finish treatment according to the different working condition of the filter bags, with the properties of anti-high temperature, anti-corrosive, anti-dewing, easy purging, stable size, etc, which is suitable to many industrial filtration under the high temperature in different plants.

Main applications:

1. steel plants (for purifing the gas from blast furnace, arc furnace, furnace of calcium carbide,etc.)
2. mechanical industies (for collection the fume and dust mainly from iron cupola,etc)
3. non-ferrous metal metallurgy (for collection the fume and dust such as from Zinc Fractionating tower,etc.)
4. cement plants (for collection the dust from the raw mills, verticle kiln, circumgyrate kiln, white cement kiln, dryer, cement grinding mills, etc)
5. building industries.(for collection the dust from the oil furnace method carbon black manufacturing,etc)
6. Chemicals processing (for collection the dust from the dryers and micronizers in TiO2 and pigment industries, etc.)
7. Power generation and incineration industries.

A. E-fiber glass filament filter fabrics
Standard specification for fiber glass woven filter cloth(continuous filament):

E-fiber glass with PTFE membrane treatment, with the properties of tensile strength, low elongation, high temperature resistance, anti-corrosive, smooth surface, water repellent, etc.
Standard specification for the fiber glass woven filter cloth with PTFE membrane:

B. E-Fiber glass bulk yarn filter fabric is a kind of new fabrics, when compare to the contiuous fiber glass filament filter cloth with the advantages of good air permeability, higher filter efficiency, lower resistance, many used for industrial dust collection in cement plants, carbon black plants, matellurgy, power plants, etc.

After PTFE membrane treatment: