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Filter Belt for Filtration

Product Detail
Products Category:Polyester Forming Fabric

Suita Polyester spiral press filter mesh belt/fabric/screen/cloth

Product Description

Suita filter cloth  is  widely  applied in horizontal  vacuum  belt filter, belt filter, rubber vacuum belt press filter,  vertical press filter. The main type of filter cloth are as below:

1- Monofilament-multifilament heavy filter cloth

2- Heavy monofilament filter cloth

3- Monofilament filter cloth


1- Monofilament-multifilament heavy filter cloth

Characters: Stable running, difficult shrinking, high wear resistance, accurate opening, and good filtration, it can be used in different rough conditions, especially applied to horizontal vacuum belt filters, and belt press filters.

Applications: FGD, petrochemical, mine, phosphoric acid, sylvine, citric acid,chemistry , aluminum catalyzer and etc

2- Heavy monofilament filter cloth

Characters: Rapid draining, good filter cake release, high wear resistance,heavy stability.

Applications: Sewage disposal, fruit juice compressing, food industries, chemical industries, because of high wear resistance and heavy stability of monofilament fabrics, it can be used as conveyor belts in food and chemical industries.

3- Monofilament filter cloth

Characters: Good air and water permeabilty easily prevent fabric bling, rapid peeling off, good regeneration; you will find a suitable fabric for each apicationand condition, thanks to its accurate openings and event air permeability.

Applications: Citric acid, lactic acid, glutamic acid, coal ash, carbon black water.active carbon, amino acid, dyestuff and intermediate, magnesium carbonate, catalyst and etc of food and chemical industries.

Suita will choose different fabrics which are resistant to acid, alkali, wearing, corrosion, rot, stretching, and high temperature, according to different conditions. High filtration precision and event air permeability guarantee the excellent filtration, and special weaving methods and thickness can avoid possibilities of shrinking, and ensure stable running, all above can extend the life of fabrics.