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Glass Fiber Filter Cloth

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Glass fibers produce fabrics with excellent dimensional stability under various types of conditions.
High Heat Resistance:
Glassfiber filter cloth has excellent heat resistance at relatively low cost. Glassfiber cloth retains approximately 50% of room temperature tensile
Fire Resistance:
Glassfiber Filter cloth is composed of inorganic materials, and are noncombustible, a natural choice where flammability is of concern.
Good Thermal Conductivity:
The rapid heat dissipation of Glassfiber cloth is particularly important in electrical insulation applications.
Good Chemical Resistance:
Like glass itself, Glassfiber cloth is highly resistant to attack by most chemicals.
Outstanding Electrical Properties:
Glassfiber fabric withstands high temperature and has low moisture regain. Along with its high dielectric strength and low dielectric constant, glass is of major importance and usefulness in the electronics.
Being inert, Glassfiber cloth is unaffected by sunlight, fungus or bacteria.
Glassfiber Filter cloth is lower in cost than many other fabrics for similar applications
Type?ZLN-BX-01(Single side web)?ZLN-BX-02(Double side web)
Air permeability(m2m2/min)?9~18?8~15
Tensile strength (N/5×20cm)?Warp?>1850?>1800
Tensile Elongation ()?Warp?<10?<10
Broken strength(Mpa/min)?3.1?3.0
Working temperature()?260~300?260~300
The stability of water solution?Medial?Medial
Finishing treatment?Teflon treatment?Teflon treatment
Glass fiber woven fabric made with a special surface treatment of the filter material is a good high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance of the filter material, widely used in industrial catch dust, recycling of valuable industrial products, treatment of industrial flue gas dust pollution. Glass fiber filter material can be 280 degrees in the long-term use of the temperature resistance, chemical corrosion, and thermal stability, the temperature of 300 degrees Celsius, the glass fiber contraction close to zero, anti-condensation, dust stripping is good, money ash and low consumption.
texture?twill?broken twill?twill?double weft?double weft?large twill double weft
weight (g/m 2 )?≥320?≥320?≥450?≥530?≥600?≥600
breaking strength? (N/cm 2 )?≥190?≥190?≥230?≥280?≥400?≥400
Tensile breaking strength (N/25mm)?warp ?≥1200?≥1200?≥1700?≥1700?≥2400?≥2400
air permeability? (cm 3 /cm 2 .s)?35 55?5 15?35 55?35 55?20 40?5 20
fiberglass dust collection bag
Fiberglass dedusting cloths are ideal for filtration processes under high temperature. They are extensively used in industrial dedusting, valued metal & nonmetal powder collection and environmental protection.
Served Iindustries:
cement, carton black, iron and steel, metallurgy, limekiln, powder generating plants, etc.
Regular fiberglass fabric?? Features:? high temperature resistant? high stability, shrink resistant? excellent chemical stability? non-hygroscopic high filtration efficiency