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Homopolymer Acrylic Needle Felt

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Products Category:Normal Temperature Filter Material
Normally in filtration acrylic refers to homopolymer acrylic which is essentially made from 100 of acrylonitrile. Homopolymer acrylic needle felt and filter bags for industrial filtration. This kind of needle felt is with good ability of acid and alkali resistance, anti-oxidation, hydrolysis resistance. It suits middle temperature and high acid, alkali chroma environment. It is widely used in metallurgy, chemical, building material, electric power station, mechanism industry, petroleum, medicine, printing and dyeing, food and beverage, and other industries to filter gas and recycle material.
   The major attributes of acrylic fibre are its excellent resistance to hydrolysis, its modest cost compared with the high performance fibres and reasonably high temperature resistance.
   Acrylic fibre Typical characteristics
   - High mechanical characteristics
   - Excellent resistance to hydrolysis
   - Optimal heat stability both in dry and wet conditions
   - Optimal resistance to chemical agents
   - Extraordinary resistance to light, weathering, mildew and bacteria