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Monofilament Filter Cloth

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the work of the corrosion of the material on the filter cloth, filter cloth for industrial requirements have the following
A, after the capture of solid good, long life
B, filtering speed, less congestion, filtering speed and stability
C, dregs of a good spin-off, non-extendable, good dimensional stability
New filter is highly efficient air permeability, and filtration capacity of its life than the fabric or fiber filament fabric was nearly 10 times. It is especially suitable for aluminum, phosphate fertilizer industry, cement, smelting, chemical industry, chemical fiber production, such as the environment, their longer life expectancy, can be substantial increase in labor productivity, reduce labor intensity of workers, is a new type of highly efficient filter.

The monofilament filter cloth are made of kinds of monofilament fiber such as polyester, polypropylene, polyamide and ethane, so they have same physical and chemical characteristics with the materials. The surface of the filter cloth is heat compressed and calendered, so it has many advantages such as high filtering efficiency, removing impurity cake easily, laundering easily, high tension and long service life.SUITA monofilament filter clothes are widely used in chemical industry, pharmacy, oil refining,coal choosing, paint, dye, brewing, food, environment protecting and sewage treatment and other industry to equip with filter press, pressure filter, vacuum filter, centrifuge, belt vacuum filter etc.