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Needle Felt Scrim

Product Detail
Products Category:High Temperature Filter Material
Due to its relatively low density, it provides a relatively large specific surface area. PP has a good anti-abrasion performance because of its high elongation property and initial modulus.

It has a good chemical erosion resistance except for concentrated nitric acid and caustic soda.

Data Sheet:

Item Name

Polypropylene Needled Felt


Polypropylene fiber / Polypropylene scrim

Weight (g/m2)


Thickness (mm)


Tensile Strength (N/200×50mm)

Warp: ≥1200   Weft: ≥1250

Elongation at Break (%)

Warp: 50    Weft: 55

Working Temperature (oC)

Continuous: 85; Instant: 100

Finishing Treatment

singeing, calendering


pharmacy, chemials or liquid filtration

Remarks: All data expressed as typical values. The technical data is subject to change. Please contact us directly to confirm current information.