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P84 Needle Punched Felt

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High Temperature Needle Filter Felt
P84 high temperature resistant needle punched filter felt-one new type of high temperature resistance. We are the first enterprise for its volume production at home.It has three remarkable features:1.Remarkable high temperature resistance:working temperature 260oC. It has enough safe space to deal with the machine stop and accident etc.2.Favorable chemical resistance:It has been proved that P84 filter bag has the excellent filter value for the acid waste gas, alkali powder and dust in the past waste incineration more than 10 years.3.The efficiency of low back wash pressure and high elasticity mud cake releaseThe feature of P84 fiber is much remarkable because of the fine fiber and the fiber surface area increases to the max even due to the irregular fiber cross section, which supplies more microspores resulting in the better filter efficiency than the depth filtration. The dusts only rest on the filter felt surface not penetrating in it, so the efficiency of low back wash pressure and mud cake release could be improved, which has excellent superfine particle collecting efficiency and small operating pressure difference.There is much experience for using P84 filter material in the gypsum plant, cement plant, waste incinerator, liquid bed boiler, coal-fired boiler etc.