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Plansifter Cleaner

Product Detail
Products Category:Air Slide Canvass
Plansifter cleaner

other name: plansifter pads, sifter pad, milling fabrics, square plansifter cleaner, planfifter accessories, mesh pads, sieve cleaner for palansifter, cleaning pads

Advantage of Plansifter cleaner

Our company has developed this product according to the advantages of sample products from Bullet Company of Switzerland, Simon Company of Britain and Oaklim Company of Italy. These products are unique domestically, and its thickness, hardness, and duration have surpassed that of same products from foreign countries, now more than 1,000 domestic flour mills have used this product in their plansifter machines.

Cotton Sifter Pads Specification
1)name: cotton plansifter cleaner
2) material 100%cotton
3) thickness: 7.0-8.5mm
4) size: 75mm lenth and 55mm width
5) Rivet: Metal Slider with chromeplate
6) packing: paper carton 500 piece/caton
7) FOB price: 0.50usd/piece

Applications of Plansifter cleaner

Flour mills have used this product in their high square screening machinery.Our plansifter cleaner or Cotton sieve cleaners are used for cleaning application. The right choice of sieve cleaner is essential for good shifting performance. These plansifter cotton pads are basically used in flour mills, for cleaning purposes, length 78mm width 52mm thickness 8mm.The cotton type reduce the damage of the sieve and can prolong its life span. It is installed between the screen surface and steel mesh, doing regular movement under the screen surface.

How to Clean a Flour Sifter by hand

Step 1:Shake off the excess flour over a trash can by holding the flour sifter in one hand and lightly banging it with the other. Store it in a plastic bag.
Step 2:Wash your flour sifter the best you can with dish soap and water. Allow it to sit in the dish pan that is filled with soap and water for 1 hour. Dry it the best you can with a towel and then stick it in your oven on low heat until it is completely dry. This will keep the flour sifter from rusting.
Step 3:Attach a hose with some bristles to your vacuum. These attachments should come with the vacuum. Turn it on and vacuum all of the flour out of the sifter.
Step 4:Use a toothpick or a toothbrush to get the flour out of the hard to reach places of the flour sifter. Then wash with dish soap and water and dry on low heat in your oven.
Step 5:Use a compressed air device. This is a device that blows air to clean your computer keyboards and other hard-to-clean places. Spray it on your flour sifter and the flour will come right off, and you don't have to worry about getting it wet and having it rust.