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Polyester Anti-static Filter Cloth

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Anti-static polyester filter cloth (Jiangsu famous brand)
Tri-proof polyester filter cloth with common anti-acid and alkali specialties, suits for the consistent working temperature under 120 degree C working conditions, fume gas temperature less than 100 degree C or the baghouses with weak acid and alkali.
Tri-proof polyester needle filter felt cloth with the properties of stable size, high burden bearable, long durability as well as the advantages of low running resistance, easily cleaning etc. Because of the above-mentioned properties, tri-proof polyester needle felt cloth is frequently adopted in the oil, chemical industries where small parcels needed to be filtrated.
Product name: anti-static polyester needle felt
Composition: polyester fiber / polyester anti-static scrim
Thickness: 1.8 mm
Weight: 500g/m^2
Air permeability: 13 m^3 /m^2 * min
Tensile strength warp: >1100 (N/5 x 20 cm)
Tensile strength weft: >1300 (N/5 x 20 cm)
Tensile elongation warp: <25%
Tensile elongation weft: <25%
Operating temp. -continuous: 120 DEG C
Operating temp. -instant: 130 DEG C
Surface treatment: oil and water repellent, anti-static
Water-proof grade: grade 5
Finishing treatment: calendaring, singeing, heat setting

We can accept OEM/ODM for the filter media customized products as per requirements.

At NINGBO SUITA FILTER MATERIAL CO.,LTD, we take pride to be the leading professional manufacturers of filter material in China. We can provide all the kinds of filter cloth for air filtration, such as PPS, PTFE, P84, nomex , acrylic, polyester, fiberglass needle felt or other compounded needle felt as per requirement.

We can offer all kinds of air filter felt cloth as per requirement.

dust collector bag material optional : Polyester, PP, Acrylic , Aramid (Nomex), PPS , PTFE and a variety of compounded needle felt cloth as your preference

filter bag treatment : singeing , calendaring, heat setting , PTFE memebrane , anti-acid/ alkali treatment , water and oil repellent treatment and so on

filter felt cloth of the dust bag can accept ODM/OEM

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