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Polyester Twill Woven Filter Fabrics

Product Detail
Products Category:Polyester Filter Fabrics

These products are woven through twisting with four strands polyester staple as raw material, and formed by weaving warp and weft 4×8,which  can reduce the rates of contractions of fabrics' aperture and filter material, avoid the phenomena of aperture' blocking in tabby industrial cloth with residue for the structure of the products adopting twill method of weaving, with which the compactness and the breaking strength in warp-and-weft of the cloth can be enhanced, this products can be used in the plate-and-frame filters with the pressure of 6-8kg above or so.
2. Scope of application:
These products are applicable to sugar-refinery, pharmaceutical factory, oil field and other plate-and-frame filter equipments with good effects.