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Polyester Woven Filter Fabrics

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Polyester woven filter fabrics series, that made of polyester fibers (PET), can be divided into polyester staple fabrics, polyester multifilament fabrics, and polyester monofilament fabrics.Each kind have a couple typical models.
These products possess the properties of strong acid-resistance, fair alkali-resistance, their work condition temperature can reach 130 centigrade.

DPP monofilament polyester screen printing mesh
1- 100% polyester material      (24T,32T,39T,43T,48T,53T,54T,59T,61T,64T,72T,77T,80T,90T,100T,120T,140T,150T,  165T )
2-  Width: 115cm,127cm,136cm,145cm,157cm,165cm,  188cm,220cm,260cm,280cm,360cm    
3-  High tension,low Elasticity,water-resistent,electrostatic prevention,acid-resistant, wear-resist,good voice penetrability and low externability