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Polypropylene Filter Clothes

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They are mainly used in the precision chemical, dye chemical, sugar, pharmaceutical, alumina industrial, for the equipments of frame press filter, belt filter, blend belt filter, disc filter, drum filter etc. The filtering precision can reach less than 1 micron.


1 full specifications
2 good raw material
3 anti corrision
4 water and oil repellent
5 good air permeability

Polypropylene Filter Cloth:

The quality of the polypropylene filter cloth ,the polyester filter cloth ,the PVA filter cloth that we are manufacturing are always keep ahead in China , also the density can reach the highest level in domestic.The density of our two new kinds of products can attain about 5 micron.Through our own innovation,eight of our machine can reach the highest density,for example:the filter  cloth which 20 count yarns (warp),20 count yarns (weft ) can reach the density for :42 thread/inch (warp),30 thread/inch (weft ).With regard to the quality and the output .