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PPS Needle Punched Felt For Filter Bag

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Products Category:High Temperature Filter Material

PPS felt filter bag mostly used in power plant,we can meet your requirements as your thickness,density,air permeability

PPS filter felt is one kind of main high temperature resistant filter mediums. Our factory have selected the polyphenylene sulfide (pps) fiber from America and Japan and followed the other producing technology of high temperature resistant filter felt to produce it, which is the most suitable for the following occasions:
1. Favorable temperature resistance melting point 285 working temperature 190 instantaneous operating temperature232limited oxygen index 34~35;
2. Be suitable for the oxygen content below 15%;
3. Oxide containing sculpture in the fuel or flue gas, now it has been proved that it was the fiber of anti-acid, alkali, abrasion and chemicals;
4. Containing moisture in the flue gas;
5. under the condition of 190232?operating modes.
PPS fiber has strong integrate retentively and internal chemical resistance, which keeps good filter efficiency in the harsh environment, and reaching longer using life. PPS filter felt is the ideal filter material for the pulsate dedusting precipitator in the coal fired boiler, waste incinerator, powder and coal dust collecting in the electric power plant.