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Pressure Leaf Filters

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The filter has to be cleaned using a sluice bar or hoses and the solids are dropped out. Generally the solids loading is light and the filter is used as a polishing or clean up filter, sometimes with a filter aid such as diatomaceous earth.Because the cake discharge system is relatively ineffective, a good surface on the filtration side is critical. These filters require a fine balance of flow and efficiency to achieve reasonable life and to minimize the time required to achieve the desired turbidity of the solution. Most commonly used filter media are monofilaments with filter aid or felts without filter aid.

1.Efficient, energy saving and automatic.
2.Double filtering,large filter area.
3.Without leakage and environmental pollution.
WYL is a kind of precision clarify equipment with high efficient, energy saving, and automatic airtight filtering. It is widely used in chemical, petroleum, food, pharmaceutical and other industries.
This horizontal pressure leaf filter is an ideal refining equipment for extracting oil,
can be processed of rapeseed,peanut,soybean,sesame and sunflowerseed and other oil plants.

1. The fully closed filtering, no leakage, without any environmental pollution   

2. Mesh plate automatic pull out structure, convenient for observation and clearing slag

3. Double filtering, large filter area

4. Vibration slag discharge, the reduction of labor intensity

5. Hydraulic control, realize automatic operation

6. This device can be a filtration system of large capacity, large-area

7.Used special stainless steel sieves, long lifetime and high accuracy.

8.Fan-shaped sieves enlarge the area and quicken the speed.

9.Automatic hydraulic system, very convenient and efficient.