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Stainless Steel Wire Cloth

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Stainless Steel Wire Cloth
SS Wire Netting
SS Wire Cloth
Packaging:moist proof paper

Stainless Steel Wire Cloth

Stainless Steel Wire Mesh
Material: 302,304,304L,316,316L,321 and 430 etc
Wire diameter:0.03mm-1.800mm
Weaving method: plain weave, plain dutch weave, twill weave, dutch twilled weave
Characteristics:wear-resisting, heat-resisting,acid-resisting,corrosion resisting
Usage: extensively used in mining, chemical industry, food industry and pharmaceutical industry
Packaging:in waterproof paper, pvc bag, moist proof paper,wooden case,pallet.

Length: 15.24m, 30m, 30.48m, 45m and 50m
Characteristics: Stainless steel wire mesh is heat-resisting, acid-resisting and corrosion-resisting.
Application: Stainless steel wire mesh is widely used as the raw materials of filters in Industrial area.
All our mesh are exported to European, South Asia, Middle East, America, South America and Austrilia.
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Weaving MethordSpecification
Plain weave2mesh to 400mesh
Twill weave50mesh to 325mesh
Plain Dutch weaveMesh per Inch (Warp x Weft)Wire Diameter (Warp x Weft)
12mesh x 64mesh0.58mm x 0.40mm
14mesh x 88mesh0.50mm x 0.33mm
24mesh x 110mesh0.355mm x 0.25mm
30mesh x 150mesh0.23mm x 0.18mm
40mesh x 200mesh0.18mm x 0.14mm
50mesh x 250mesh0.14mm x 0.11mm
60mesh x 300mesh0.14mm x 0.09mm
70mesh x 400mesh0.12mm x 0.08mm
Twill Dutch weaveMesh per Inch (Warp x Weft)Wire Diameter (Warp x Weft)
24mesh x 220mesh0.30mm x 0.25mm
20mesh x 250mesh0.30mm x 0.20mm
50mesh x 500mesh0.14mm x 0.11mm
80mesh x 700mesh0.10mm x 0.08mm
165mesh x 800mesh0.071mm x 0.045mm
200mesh x 600mesh0.071mm x 0.050mm
200mesh x 1400mesh0.071mm x 0.04mm
165mesh x 1400mesh0.071mm x 0.04mm
325mesh x 2300mesh0.035mm x 0.025mm
400mesh x 2800mesh0.030mm x 0.02mm
Reverse Dutch weaveMesh per Inch (25.4mm)Wire Diameter (mm)
Warp x WeftWarp x Weft
48 x 100.5 x 0.5
63 x 180.40 x 0.60
107 x 200.24 x 0.60
132 x 170.32 x 0.45
152 x 240.27 x 0.40
171 x 460.15 x 0.30
260 x 400.15 x 0.27
290 x 760.09 x 0.19
400 x 1200.058 x 0.1
625 x 1040.04 x 0.15
615 x 1300.04 x 0.13
720 x 1500.036 x 0.10