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Welding Filter Bag

Product Detail
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Polyester (PET) micron filter cloth with PTFE membrane
In Jiangsu Hualong, we take pride to be the leading professional  manufacturers of filter material in China. We can provide all the kinds of filter material for air filtration, such as PPS, PTFE, P84, nomex filter bag , acrylic, polyester, fiberglass needle felt or other compounded needle felt as per requirement
1. Feature:
Polyester filter cloth includes Terylene Filament and staple fiber. It has strong acid-resistant ,weak alkali-resistant and it is not dissolved in organic acids. It is very stable in high temperatures for the low concentration of inorganic acid.But it is dissolved in concentrated acid and heating m-cresol. It is easily hydrolyzed in strong alkali.
2 Material property:
acid-resistance, weak alkali-resistance, wear resistance, corrupt-resistance, good reversion performance and good conductivity.
3. Usage:
pharmaceutical, food, chemicals, metallurgy, filter machine in industry, filter cloth in centrifuge
4 .Storage
should not be long-term exposure in the sunlight,and Stored in dry well ventilated place.
5 .Product chart
Design→Spinning→ Twisting→  Warper→  Weaving→Cleansing→ Stereotyping →calendar→Test packaging.

Product code:HL—PET/PET1554—F1The   filtrate passes the felt, while the particles is detained in the surface and inside of felt. The even thickness, mesh opening, and reinforced  mechanical tensile, guarantee the filter bag a better filtrating efficiency and long lifetime. The welding method can avoid the silicon oil pollution and side leak caused by pinprick.  It measure up the technical requirement in industrial areas as electronics field, foodstuff   industry, etc, and gained the License of Foodstuff Certificate issued by the Ministry of Health   P R C ,China.

The plastic ring is made of high quality engineering plastic, which is of high physical performance and chemical causticity-proof ability. With the special treatment, it can be  equipped in almost bag filters in the market. As a part of the filter bag, the handle is higher  than the filtrate level, which makes high efficiency for replacement.  The filter material is Polyester or PP, and filtration precision is from 0.5 micron to 300 micron