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Wood Pulp Spunlace Nonwoven

Product Detail
Products Category:Spun Lace Fabric

1)weight: 56-68G/M2,
3)patten:paralle laying.
4)Use:cleaning wipe
woodpulp spunlace nonwovens
1)cleaning wipe for electronic equipment,remove the dust and grease.
2)Despite of multiple use,the color will not fade away .
4)high water and grease absorbability.there are embossed dots on the surface
, the embossed dots will be removed easier and more deeply.
5)pieces:size,25*35cm,1/4 folding,300pcs/case.
6) roll product:23*34cm/sheet,300-500pcs/roll,6rolls/case
7)disposable wet tissue,interlining basic cloth and disposable sheet.vanrious speciflc ation to choose .changeable width,specification and white.