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Filter Presses

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Filter presses are batch filters, operating under pressure to separate solids from liquids. The solids may be the product or they may be a contaminant. Either way, the solids are filtered on the face of the plate-mounted cloth, the chamber fills to capacity, the flow is stopped, the cake is dropped and the press is closed to begin the cycle again.


Automatic Program--controlled Filter Press.
ISO9001 International Quality Certificate and ISO14001 Environment
CE certificate

Haijiang® Automatic Program--controlled Filter Press integrates all the advantages of the average filter press and it has such features as follows:

-    Automatic high-pressure membrane squeezing

-    Automatic filter cloth washing

-    Automatic filtrate collecting and plate-reversing

-    Multiple material feeding

-    Plate drawing by grouping

-    Automatic open and close of valves

-    Automatic startup and stop the pumps

-    Multiple pressure detection and temperature controlling

-    Safety Light Curtains

-    Over temperature alarm.

-    Over pressure alarm.