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High Efficiency

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High Efficiency Micropore Filter Cartridge

PP Cartridge

Product Introduction

The PP cartridge uses pleated PP fibre membrane as filtration media.

The PP cartridge is advanced and fixed intensive filter and available in a wide range of retention ratings from 0.1um to 60um. The pore size is not affected by the vibration of feeding pressure. Due to its unique low differential pressure, high flow volume, excellent filtration and attracted many customers.

 Benefit Summary

1.universal chemical compatibility, large flow volume, low differential pressure and long life

2.wide range of retention ratings to meet various filtrations

3.application of thermal-bonding technique ,firm and no pollution to products

4.clean in common ways and sterilize with sterilizing cabinet and steam

  PTFE Cartridge

Product Introduction

The filtration media of PTFE cartridge is hydrophobic PTFE membrane.

PTFE cartridge bears excellent operation features, and its safety and thermal control specifications conform to the requirements of USP of the USA. Each polyflo cartridge has passed 100% integrity testing of bubble point and expansion flow so as to ensure to reach the bacterial retention requirements of USA HIMA.

 Benefit Summary

1.Inherenjtly hydrophbic more resistant to water intrsion than commonly used PVDF membrane

2.Withstand shocks, back pressures and repeated sterilizations.

3.100% bacterial retention and effective filtration to 0.02um pastical (in gas)

4.Constructed of two materials-PTFE and PP-to meet high standards of pharmaceutical industry

 PES Cartridge

Product Introduction

The PES cartridge is ideally suited for critical prefiltration in sterilizing applications, and for final filtration is a broad range of demanding non-sterile and application. The inherently hydrophilic membrane contains no surfactants or wetting agents, and thus results in good filtration and flow volume. Due to its wide range of PH values and lower adhesives to protein than nylon membrane, it has become the first-chosen cartridge for final filtration in pharmaceutical, food and chemical industries.

 Benefit Summary

1.High porosity (about ≥80%) and geometrcally unique pores of the polyfone cartridge contribute to high throughputs for different-to-filter solutions

2.100% integrity tested before leaving the factory for conformance to American HIMA bacterial retention requirements. All components meet USP XX1 Class V1.

3.Extensive chemical compatibility