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Polyester Air Slide Fabric

Product Detail
Products Category:Air Slide Canvass

Polyester Air Slide Fabric :


Thickness : 3MM - 10MM

Material : Polyester & Nylon


1. Constant air permeability
2. High abrasion resistance
3. High tensile strength in warp & weft
4. High resistance to wear & degradation
5. Readily cut heat scalable so ease in fitting
6. Resistance to decay and rot prevents the formation of bacteria and fungus


It is applicable to air oblique slot of powder stations of cement plants, air-filling case, homogenizing effort, and pneumatic power conveyance of cement in homogenizing houses, and it is also an indispensable part of power plants, chemical industry,metallurgical industry,bulk cement tank trucks, bulk cement tank ships and fixed cement tanks.