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Water-oil Repellent Needle Punched Felt

Product Detail
Products Category:Normal Temperature Filter Material
Water-oil Repellent Needle Punched Felt
Standard sample: Material: polyester fiber+scrim Weight (gram/g): 400~650
Thickness (mm):1.4~1.9 Air permeability:10~12m3/m2.min@200Pa
Tensile strength (N/5x20cm): Warp: 900~1140 Weft: 1100~2000
Working temperature: <130 Finishing: Water-oil repelling treatment.

Properties: 1. High strength, 2. water-oil repelled, 3. Good air permeability, improve filtration efficiency, save energy 4. Easy cake release? 5. Long life.
Applications:Filter corroding gas mix with acid and alkali, water, oil blow 130 centigrade.
Producing Procedure: Fiber loosening →carding →yarn laying →pre-punching →punching →felt molding →singeing →calendering →PTFE dipping →drying →forming →rolling →packing.
This kind of felt filter cloth mainly used in the area which contain many moisture or oil? stain, when the drip drop on this felt bags, they will flow away and won't infilter to the felt, so they wont easy block like the normal felt itself, and keep a good performance with a long life.